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The Washington County SPCA was formed in 1959 by a group of citizens concerned about abuse and neglect of animals in Washington County. The SPCA was incorporated in 1960. It is a 501 (C)3 not-for-profit corporation. In 1969, the shelter on Route 4 was built on land sold to them for a dollar and with donated materials and labor. The building was to house up to 35 animals in the basement and featured an office, meeting room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. Originally the shelter served only the Washington County area. However, over the years, a large percentage of the SPCA's donations and adoptions have come from outside the county. Since 1969, thousands of animals from the tri-county area and beyond have received care and love until they were adopted into new homes. The original 35 animals slowly grew to a daily number of up to 110 animals. All areas of the building were then used for our animals.  During the SPCA's 1994 annual meeting, the need for a new building was discussed. Fundraising efforts towards this goal started immediately. It was also realized that the organization needed to grow, and to do that, needed the assistance of full time staff. In May 1996, the SPCA's first Executive Director was hired. It was necessary to eliminate the confusion many in the area had that this was a government agency. The organization does not receive Federal, State or local funding but relies on individuals and businesses, shelter adoption fees, dues, gifts, bequests and special events to fund it's needs. The membership voted on a new name and the SPCA of Upstate New York was chosen. This name not only removes the image of being tied to a county, but also shows our expanded mission area which includes proudly being a no-kill animal shelter. Several years later, and with a new executive director in charge, a decision was made to leave the building it had occupied since leaving Fort Edward, and move into a more modest and less expensive establishment in an effort to redirect shelter funds from costly operational expenses, to helping even more homeless pets, and more members of our community with pets in need.

                                     Our Mission Statement

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Upstate New York Inc. is committed to the prevention of torture or cruelty (includes every act, omission, or neglect, whereby unjustifiable physical pain,suffering, or death is caused or permitted), and the protection of all animals, (includes every living creature, except a human being), and Article 26 Agriculture & Markets Law Sections number 350; to promote the health and welfare of animals; responsible pet ownership, increasing awareness of the interdependence between humans and animals through education; to make available products and services that benefit the general well being of animals; and the care, protection and respect for all living in their environment.